Trip to Area51, 06/06/08


My friend Alan and I decided to meet after the toll plaza on I-75N. He lives in Palm Beach, and has never been at this location before. I got there at 6:45pm, and he was already there, eagerly waiting...

We arrived at Area51 around 7:15 or so… (we were the first ones there), but shortly after people started arriving, one by one. By the end of the day we had around 12-15 people, many of which were “first-time” visitors.

As soon as the night fell, we knew that this one was going to be a great one, no clouds at all, seeing was steady, temperatures were getting a little cooler by the hour, and no mosquitoes!!!


Our “first-timers” were all fantastic people, very easy going, and thrilled to be there. They all got very excited when they saw the star filled night…, and who wouldn’t?

We had Refractors, SCTs, Dobs, Alt-Az and Equatorial mounts, Binoculars…, beautiful stuff…

A couple of our good friends, Charlie & Marc, had serious technical issues with their equipment, which rendered the night quite a frustrating one for them… but we are sure their problems will be solved quickly, and they’ll be with us, getting some awesome images again, soon enough.

This one night I took shots of different objects, but ended up with 3 that I was satisfied with, all the others, as usual, end up back in the drawing board, until next time…




The night did not disappoint us at all, it stayed steady, cool & clear until almost sunrise…, time for which the few “Astro-Nuts” left, decided to go home… 8^)

Anyways, to make it short, another outstanding night, filled with stars, and great people.

If you have never been out there, make an effort to join us next time… you won’t be disappointed!!

Clear skies to all!

Ivan Gastaldo

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