A Night of Firsts
by Nick Izzo

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Last night (7/10) was a night of firsts.  For some reason unknown to me it was the first time I have been to 27N.  I arrived there at 7:30 and the sky looked lousy with more clouds coming, I waited till about 8PM and nobody was showing up (couldn't blame them) - so I left.  As I was leaving I looked in my rear view mirror and saw someone pulling in so I went back.  It was Joe Moskowitz, so we set up and hoped for the best with the help of a few brews.  Bennett showed up shortly after.  The gods were with us and the sky cleared up pretty good.

The second first for me was that this was the first time using my Stellacam 11.  Needless to say I was all thumbs even though I knew what I was doing (thanks Jay).  I tried imaging with M13 -15 and 57.  After making the necessary adjustments the most trouble I had was in focusing but I did get a pretty good image of M15.  The night ended abruptly at 11:30 when my battery went dead, but I was satisfied with what I had accomplished and look forward to the next time.

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