The Fox Observatory houses many great pieces of viewing equipment. The primary observatory equipment consists of our 14 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain @ F/10, the amazing Brandon Refractor and several Dobsonian reflecting telescopes.  A remotely controlled setup is under continual development in our small external dome and can be used to provide real time images to the public on screens inside the main observatory.

Apart from the observatory's scopes, many of our members have scopes of their own. On a good clear night it’s possible to have as many as 15 telescopes or more setup in various places around the observatory grounds.

The observatory is open to the public every Saturday night, rain or shine. We will open at dusk(or there abouts), and generally wrap things up around midnight.  Groups and individuals from the area or visiting South Florida are invited to see the Fox Observatory.  Never hesitate to call and find out whats going on each Saturday night at 954-384-0442.

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